Today we are formally launch “Big Smile Entertainment”

Whether it’s the enjoyment I feel from nearly every song I hear to the years spent singing and touring around the country, music has always been one of the most important parts of my life. I returned to the music scene to help my pal Josh Bell/AKA/Loch Brown launch his solo music career. For years I’d been looking for an outlet to satisfy my creative self, and observing first-hand Josh’s talent and passion uncovered just what I needed to help balance my life and create a sense of bliss. I was having a blast and my artistic juices were flowing strong! High off of a very successful album launch party, Josh and I had a conversation about what we could do to improve the music scene in the Metro-Knoxville area…our solution was to launch an entertainment company that would create opportunities for performers to reach their fullest potential. So that’s just what we did! Now, not only can I work with one of my best buds and continue down this innovative path, but we will be helping entertainer gain the spotlight they deserve. Today we are formally launch “Big Smile Entertainment” and I couldn’t be happier!