Joey Jennings to Open for Loch Brown’s Afro-à-Go-Go Tour

On Thursday July 20, 2017 at 8:00 PM, the expressive and eclectic, Joey Jennings will join Loch Brown at the Open Chord / All Things Music, on the first stop of his Afro-à-Go-Go tour.  The musical experience that is Joey Jennings is fueled by spoken word vocals, paired with groovy rock’n roll tunes.

Joey’s music was born on the open road. Years without having a set place he called home brought him to live in Africa, busing and catching rides through central America, living with a family in the Nicaraguan slum and having a myriad of experiences that he brought back to the United States.  Through it all he was seeking adventure, but also something deeper; humanity, meaning, and God. In June, he released his first album, “Plight øf the Maya” to rave reviews.  For all things Joey, connect with him at:

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